ݵü Ű¡ Adhesive Ŵ- ܱ ȸ
ۼ HLB Ʈʽ
ۼ 2018-08-30

ݵü Ű¡ Adhesive Ŵ- ܱ ȸ

1.       Company – ϰ ǰ Solution ȸ

2.       Position – Senior Account manager for semiconductor packaging adhesive

3.       Work period – 7~15 yrs ( )

4.       Main Roles

-          Semiconductor packaging /(Adhesive)

-          BTB Sales Management of companys products for electronics adhesives which is being used in Semiconductor packing with solid knowledge of Semiconductor packaging business

-          BTB Sales Leading of industrial adhesive products for global & domestic marketing upon customers

-          Maintenance of existing customers for sales and reinforcement of sales thru relevant business proposal and contract making thru strategic relationships and partnerships

-          Understand customers market environment, challenges, their business plan and strategy

-          Cooperate and communicate with global teams and other countries

-          Lead the project team aggressively with good communication skill to succeed the project

-          Opportunities to work with global leading customers with world best products 

-          Generate new projects to build robust project pipeline to achieve financial target

-          Monitoring and analyze sales status and P&L etc.

5.       Qualification

-          4 ̻
(Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Engineering, Chemistry or Science, Engineering, Master or MBA would be plus)

-          Minimum of ten (10) years working experience in Electronics market.

-          Ѱ 7~ 15

-          Semiconductor packaging ȸ

-          Semiconductor packaging CCM(continuous conduction mode)

-          Team player

-          Excellent verbal and written English communication skills


1st interview (Manager )
2nd interview (
ӿ )
3rd interview (Global director


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̸ ó:human@HLBpartners.com

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