Asia ؿܿ Ŵä- ܱ Һ
ۼ Tommy Ha ̻
ۼ 2017-07-31

Asia Pacific Export Manager – ܱ Һ

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ll. Position – ŸƲ, Asia Pacific Export Manager (Korea Title : Chajang~Bujang)


l. Report line - Head of Export (Regional director)


l. Key Major Roles


- Ͻ Ѱ

- Ϻ, ߱, þ, ȫ, ̰ Ŀϸ, ش Ѱ ϴ Ͻ Ѱ Ͻô ſ ŷ Դϴ.

- ̽þƳ ε׽þ Ӱ ȸ ߱Ͽ Ȯ Ǵ κ

- //Ʈ̵/SCM ϸ鼭, ش ǰ ̵,


Manage Business development of Asia Pacific countries (Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong and Singapore)

Develop new country business (Malaysia, Indonesia etc.)

Add value to the Asia Pacific business by taking a leadership role in the integration of Marketing and Trade marketing strategies and country plans

Official S&OP lead

Asia cluster sourcing study, New contract manufacturer development& its management

Supply network planning by each country plan


l. Qualifications


-Bachelor's degree in any field


-FMCG Һ ȸ ʼ

- ؿ ؿ 縦

-Marketing / Trade marketing / Sales experience preferred ( İ ʿ)

-MNC ȸ ʼ

-Sales experience across Asia Pacific is highly preferred

- ؾ (â ƴϳ, Ceo(ܱ) ȭ ۷ι Ŀ´̼ ɼ)


 Ŀ :

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--> 1 (director) --> 2 (Regional Sales Director)




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